Little Greenfields Preschool CIC is a community interest company.  Ofsted registered “Good” 2013 and we are a 24U setting.

Little Greenfields Preschool CIC opened it’s doors September 2012, previously called Greenfields Preschool and before that Greenfields Playgroup first established in 1972.

Little Greenfields Preschool is situated at Greenfields Church Hall.  The location makes it within easy walking distance to Shrewsbury Town Centre and the local Nursery/Primary School in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

At Little Greenfields Preschool we pride ourselves on our experience staff and the happy and stimulating way they care for your children.  We use the government guidelines, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as a framework within which we provide care and education for children aged 1 –  5 years.

At Little Greenfields Preschool we understand what an important decision chosing the right childcare is for you and as such we would recommend that you visit the Preschool, meet the team and see the children playing, learning and developing.

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) is a statutory framework for children from 0-5 years.  The key programmes, activities and nursery environments are designed to enhance areas of learning to ensure that your child is given every opportunity to develop at a pace that is suitable for them.

Within our Newsletters and around the Preschool you will find additional ideas about how you can engage with your child to support their learning.  Your child will have a learning journey which is recorded in a folder containing staff observations and your child’s experiences in the Preschool including photographs and artwork.  You are welcome to look at their learning journey at any time.

Children with special needs.

All children are warmly welcomed and valued equally, and all have individual needs that we work hard to ensure are fully met.  Some children have very specific needs that relate to their health and/or general development.  These needs may include particular routines the child must follow to ensure their continuing health and well-being, for example, they may have sight, speech or hearing difficulties or mobility problems, to name a few.  Our staff have been trained to enable them to support these children.  If you would like more detailed information we will be happy to talk with you about your child’s specific needs and to plan with you, how these may be met.

The Environment

The rooms are set up with the children’s age and range of development in mind and focus will be to enable them to explore, develop, learn and create in a way that is right for them.  At Little Greenfields Preschool our staff/key workers will ensure that they know each child through talking to parents, playing with the children and plan activities that will engage and interest each child extend their skills and experience, and of course, make sure they have fun!

As toddlers become preschoolers we respond with a focus on self-managed activities as part of day-to-day play, such as dressing up, ‘cooking’ in the play kitchen and developing their independence skills.  Messy play, hide and seek and memory games in the preschool are also introduced.  Safely managed and supervised, such activities nevertheless encourage respect, co-operation and personal choice and of course, they’re lots and lots of fun!

Sessions and opening times.

Little Greenfields Preschool is currently open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 3pm.

Morning Session 9am – 11.30am.  Lunch Club 11.30am – 12.30pm.  Afternoon Session 12.30pm – 3pm.

Fee Payments and Childcare Vouchers.

Childcare fees are payable the first day of each calendar month, payable via Standing Order.  Alternatively if you would prefer to pay on a weekly basis, that can be arranged.  Please speak to Sarah the Preschool Manager.

You can use Childcare vouchers to pay towards your fees.  We accept childcare Vouchers from all recognised Voucher providers if paid electronically.  Please ask your employer about which childcare voucher scheme they use if any.